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All about Golden Road

California-based Golden Road Brewery is a colorful, socially conscious brand. Its core beer line-up includes Golden Road Hefeweizen, Wolf Pup Session IPA, Mango Cart Wheat Ale, Point the Way IPA and Get Up Offa That Brown. You’ve likely seen these bright six-packs at your nearby grocery chain, surprising considering that Golden Road was an independent craft brewery started in just 2011. Tony Yanow and Meg Bruce were well-connected to the industry and general beer aficionados.

The brewery’s quick success and rapid popularity caught the eye of Anheuser Busch InBev — InBev has made a practice of buying up craft breweries to expand its luxury beer offerings. In 2015, Golden Road became the latest addition to the mega-brewery’s coffers. While the sale led to some local strong opinions and controversy, it’s an undeniably lucky break for the rest of the U.S. who can now enjoy the Golden Road's tasty IPAs and seasonal favorites. The original owners still make efforts to support and bring awareness to local causes; proceeds from the brand’s Heal the Bay IPA are donated to a California organization that protects the state’s wildlife.

Since ownership changed hands, Golden Road has opened a massive beer garden and beer innovation lab, where brewmaster Victor Novak can get to work trying out new recipes. Keep an eye on your local shelves for new releases.