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About Full Sail

Nestled on the banks of the scenic Columbia River Gorge, Hood River is photographic eye candy. With the Columbia River to the north and majestic Mount Hood to the south, this Oregon town is a place to relax and unwind, but not without a Full Sail in your hand.

Just as the Columbia River Gorge delivers consistent winds conducive to sailing year-round, Full Sail Brewing Co. has delivered uniform quality in all its beers since 1987. Have earned hundreds of awards, Full Sail's methods are impeccable. The key to the refreshing taste in each beer lies within the company's unwavering commitment to natural ingredients and sustainability. Each beer is crafted without preservatives, fluoride, corn syrup, stimulants or added sugars. The brewery also uses half the water of other breweries and wind power to further reduce waste.

Sustainability and social responsibility aside, Full Sail makes one phenomenal beer. The Amber Ale is its flagship beer, and with good reason. Known as Oregon's original amber ale, this beer is spicy, hoppy and as crisp and refreshing as the river that flows through the city.