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All About Fort Collins Brewery

Fort Collins Brewery has a history that's almost as jagged as the Colorado Rocky Mountains in which it's nestled. It was launched as H.C. Berger Brewing Company back in 1992, sold four years later, then seized in 2002 for failure to pay taxes. It eventually sold again in 2004 to Tom and Jan Peters.

Here at Drizly, we believe that the only thing better than beer is food. This philosophy led Fort Collins Brewery to open its restaurant, Gravity 1020, in August 2010. However, despite rave food reviews as well as canning and expansion efforts at the brewery, both FCB and the restaurant shut their doors in 2017.

Fort Collins Brewery was then purchased by the beer geniuses at Red Truck Beer Company of Vancouver, British Columbia. It was speculated that Red Truck would retain the Fort Collins name, but according to interviews and statements, they will most likely open a Fort Collins-based "Truck Stop" restaurant and pub in 2018.

At Drizly, we're proud to offer a limited stock of some of the classics that put Fort Collins Brewery on the map. Their Far Away IPA and Black Sheep Black IPA can still be had here. We also have the infamous Red Banshee Red Ale, Major Tom's Pomegranate Wheat, Shot Down Stout and several more. Get 'em while you can!