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Firestone Walker Brewing Company

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Firestone Walker Brewing

The parade of craft beers never stops. Every year, a new player emerges, capturing the hearts, minds and taste buds of beer snobs and enthusiasts from coast to coast. What makes Firestone Walker Brewing stand out is that it tries to branch out to all points on the microbrew spectrum. If a fruity beer makes you feel a bit odd, go with a manly Imperial stout. Not big on dark beers? Get an American ale. Need something smooth-drinking? Go for an IPA. Don't know what the heck a milk stout is? Drink it anyway. You're going to love it.

With 33 flagship, seasonal and limited-edition beers, Firestone Walker Beer has something that you can call your own, even if that guy across the party is drinking the same thing. Proudly exclaim you found it first, and the rest is history. You've won. Honestly, you win every time you pop open a bottle of this fine libation. Specially crafted by experienced and expert brewmasters, Firestone Walker is one of only two remaining brewers in the world to use the Burton Union system of fermentation, aging each batch in oak barrels instead of stills.

Whether fruity, hoppy, dark or light, Firestone Walker fits the mood, the taste and the occasion all in one gulp.