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About Dogfish Head

Craft beers are known for their wild and wacky names, and Dogfish Head Beers doesn't disappoint. As you might imagine, every bottle and can boasts the company's logo, which features a spiny dogfish. Don't worry — unlike their namesake shark, these beers won't bite. The brewers at Dogfish Head don't want you spending too much time thinking. They prefer you enjoy your day. And their beer. Since 1995 they've been brewing and, more importantly, experimenting with a variety of beers. They're up to almost 20 styles, including their flagship IPA, a few kinds of liquor, a restaurant, an inn and an unbelievable number of good times. Dogfish Head Beers are brewed with the company's devotion to producing "off-centered" concoctions that surprise the palate and delight the tongue. Stop wondering why a dogfish is so important (not to mention why the head, in particular, is worth singling out) and take a sip already. Start with the Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale. It's the perfect introduction to the brand because it's inspired by the flavors found off the Atlantic coast. You'll taste sea salt, lime and many other flavors in this signature bottle. You don't even have to visit your neighborhood bar.