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All About DC Brau

Can a beer taste like government? We had a wager going here at Drizly, and the matter was settled (quite tastily) when someone brought out a case of DC Brau. Folks in the nation's capital were crushed when Christian Heurich closed his District of Columbia brewery in 1956. After a long, thirsty spell, brewmaster Jeff Hancock (who tended toward large signatures) and business whiz Brandon Skall decided to change all that. They set up shop in 2009 and tapped their first keg on Tax Day 2011, much to the relief of those who were audited that year. Jeff has a deep well of experience as a brewer at Grizzly Peak Brewing and Arbor Brewing Company, and uses this knowledge to craft DC Brau's flavorful and iconic wares. Their first release was dubbed "The Public" — fittingly, an American-style pale ale. They also leverage European techniques, exemplified by their Belgian-style pale ale known as "The Citizen." These beers and several more can be found right here on Drizly. Check out On the Wings of Armageddon, an Imperial IPA honoring the end of the world in 2012 (according to Mayan calendars). Try their Penn Quarter Porter, a creamy stout-ish concoction. Any of DC Brau's beers are worth your vote.