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All about Crook and Marker

Using all capital letters and a black sheep in its logo, Crook and Marker's cocktails deliver on its promise to “stand out of the ordinary.” Crook and Marker strive to balance high-quality taste and top-tier ingredients among the crowded market for pre-mixed, canned adult beverages. Ben Weiss, the creator of Bai Antioxidant Beverages, launched Crook and Marker in 2018. Like Bai products, Crook and Marker beverages are all about transparency, listing ingredients clearly on the bottle alongside its USDA Organic stamp of approval. Each cocktail is vegan, gluten-free and surprisingly sugar-free, relying on Stevia instead.

At the base of each cocktail is the brand’s unique super grain alcohol, made from amaranth, quinoa, millet and cassava root — products you’d find at your local health foods store. Even with a select, exclusive list of ingredients, Crook and Marker offer its spin on all your bartender classics, like a 100-calorie margarita made with real lime juice. Enjoy a blackberry mojito or a tart Paloma. There’s also a line of brightly-colored spiked seltzers in trendy, farmers' market flavors like peach, tangerine and black cherry.

Crook and Marker's canned cocktails are available in appealing eight-packs designed for a chic evening — no blender or fancy bar accessories required. The brand’s ingredient integrity means you can crack that can without any guilt.