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All about Corona

One-hundred percent brewed in Mexico, Corona (Spanish for “crown”) is truly the king of them all. It is born in the sun and delivers the feel of a sunny beach in every sip. For decades, it has invited its enjoyers to simply unwind, step outside and experience the pleasures of the world. Not to boast, but it’s the most popular Mexican beer on earth and is currently sixth on the list of the world’s most valuable beer brands.

It all started in 1925 when Corona Extra was first brewed in Mexico City’s Cervecería Modelo. With Pils hops and maize in its list of ingredients, this beer offered something that was truly unique to Mexico. Within 10 years of launching, it was the entire country’s best selling beer. The effects of this cannot be exaggerated — this simple, delicious little bottle of golden liquid somehow managed to carry the pride of a country in it.

Today, over 120 countries worldwide enjoy Corona. Corona Light was first brewed in 1989 as a more calorie-conscious beer that didn’t sacrifice flavor, and today, the brand offers four beers and several hard seltzers. So kick back, pop open a bottle and enjoy life’s simpler moments.