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All About Ciderboys

The Ciderboys bring fresh new ideas to a historic brewery. Since 1857, Stevens Point Brewery, the home of Ciderboys, has been operating in central Wisconsin. Not even Prohibition could stop it. It just switched to soft drinks. It's the nation's fifth-oldest continuously operating brewery.

Ciderboys ferments Washington apple juice in stainless steel with a long, low-temperature process. They import special cider yeast from France, where cider making is a centuries-long tradition and not a new trend. All of their products are gluten-free, and none have added sugar.

Not only are the Ciderboys into apples, but they're also into exotic blends. Gabe Hopkins is the Head Cider Maker. He believes the art is in the blending, and there's nothing he won't try.

He started out with First Press, a natural semi-sweet apple cider. Contrast that with the British Dry, which has considerably more bite. For something more tart, try the Cranberry Road. Mad Bark combines apples and a proprietary cinnamon extract for a warming spiciness. Summer seasonal flavors include Pineapple Hula and La Vida Sangria. In the fall, you can enjoy creations such as Blackberry Wild and Grand Mimosa.