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Chimay Beers

You've heard of wine and cheese, but what about beer and cheese? That's the pairing Chimay Brewery has chosen to embrace from its home in Bourlers, Belgium, where it focuses on gastronomy as an art rather than a science. The brewery creates Trappist-inspired beers that work just as well in recipes for fine meals and appetizers as they do as beverages that sit alongside overflowing plates.

Visiting Chimay Brewery:

The Scourmont Abbey, once home to Trappist Monks, now sits on the Chimay Brewery's refined property. You can tour the abbey as well as the Espace Chimay, a gorgeous café with al fresco seating and a menu full of delicious entrees, appetizers and desserts. You'll want to fill up on edible goodies, so you don't binge too heavily on the alcohol without something on your stomach.

What if you have too much to drink? Have no fear. Book a room at the on-site inn and take advantage of a late checkout, so you can sleep away the hangover blues. Of course, you might prefer a little hair of the dog when you wake up, which Chimay can provide, as well.

Chimay Beers You Won't Want to Miss:

While Chimay Brewery might seem like an upscale brewery, you don't need an overflowing wallet to sample some of the venue's finest offerings. You might want to try a few to see which ones appeal the most to your palate.

  • Chimay Grande Reserve: Let's start with one of the most well-known craft beers to come out of Chimay. It's a 750-ml bottle that has a knock-down, drag-out aroma that hits you the moment you pop the cork. It was first brewed as a beer best enjoyed during the Christmas celebrations, so expect rich, fruity notes with ample body and a caramel finish.
  • Chimay Premiere Ale: The red cap immediately identifies Chimay Premiere Ale, which is lighter than the Grande Reserve and therefore a touch more drinkable. Unlike many ales, you don't want to refrigerate this brew too long. Keep it at just below room temperature so you can savor the fruity notes.
  • Chimay Tripel: Also called Cinq Cents when sold in 750-ml bottles, Chimay Tripel takes hops seriously and leaves you with a satisfyingly yeasty finish. The bitter notes help elevate this craft beer, especially for those with sensitive palates. Expect spicy undertones that add to the flavor and the aftertaste.