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About Blue Moon

More than once in a blue moon, you want to relax and enjoy a beer. The Blue Moon Brewery has you covered on just such an occasion, especially if you want to be reminded of the tropics with every sip. There aren't too many beers served with an orange garnish. Because there aren't too many breweries like Blue Moon. They're a bit left of center, just like their most popular beer, Blue Moon Belgian Wheat. Brewmaster Keith Villa, in a burst of inspiration, crafted a beer inspired by the Belgian Wit brews he'd enjoyed while studying in Brussels. He added his own unique twist with orange peels and coriander, creating a refreshing, citrusy and satisfying beer that appeals to all taste buds. The result was Blue Moon Belgian White. Bartenders have been adding oranges to their grocery list ever since. Blue Moon beer doesn't stop there, though. They love a good seasonal selection, and their pumpkin beer was the first to ever be distributed nationally. The brewery has since added other unique brews to its lineup, including apricot and honey wheat-inspired beers. Try them all, or stick to the always refreshing Belgian Wheat. Just don't forget the orange slice.