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All about Blue Moon

Blue Moon is a best-selling Belgian-style beer that debuted in Denver in the mid-1990s. Since then, this flavorful wheat ale with its signature orange wedge accessory has become the top beer in many US states. Blue Moon is not, in fact, a European import. It’s produced in the US by midwestern brewing giant Molson Coors Beverage Co. Nonetheless, Blue Moon’s delicate orange and coriander flavor offer a small craft brewery-style drinking experience. The orange slice, Blue Moon’s garnish of choice, was just a touch of marketing genius rather than any real wheat beer tradition. Ingenious marketing techniques are at the core of the brand’s success; the beer’s original name was Bellyslide Wit, which doesn't sound anywhere near as appealing as Blue Moon.

Like many large-scale brews, Blue Moon has expanded its line to include several other beer styles and flavors. Beyond the original Belgian-style White Wheat, consumers can enjoy the Moon Haze IPA, the Mango Wheat and the 95-calorie Lightsky Citrus Wheat. Keep an eye out for limited-time brews — Blue Moon has dozens of exclusive, seasonal favorites to try.

The White Ale is a reliable, golden product that you can find at any bar throughout the country. Enjoy in a frosty pilsner glass with the quintessential orange on the rim.