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Anchor Brewing Company

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All About Anchor Brewing

Anchor Brewing's story begins way back in the mid-1800s during the California gold rush. When German brewmaster Gottlieb Brekle and his family arrived in San Francisco, they wound up with something much better than gold nuggets. Instead, Brekle purchased an old saloon near Russian Hill and begin crafting the golden brew that's much better than the 24-karat variety.

A quarter of a century later, fellow German brewer Ernst Baruth took over and the company was christened with its new name — Anchor. It's unclear why this name was chosen, but the bustling Port of San Francisco mere steps away provides some clues.

You've no doubt heard of their flagship beer, Anchor Steam. This extra-bubbly brew gets its characteristics thanks to unusually warm yeast fermentation conditions. Back in the day, boiling wort was pumped into open-top bins on the roof of the brewery for natural cooling by the ocean air. The resulting clouds of steam gave the beer its unusual nickname, which Anchor subsequently trademarked.

Drizly is proud to offer Anchor Steam alongside a wide variety of other fine Anchor Beer offerings that include IPAs, pale ales, porters and lagers. You can also discover concoctions with flavors of mango, blackberry, orange, lemon and more.