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Allagash Brewing

The Belgians know how to make beer. That's undebatable. So when a one-man operation in Portland, Maine, figured out how to brew a Belgian White of his own, it changed the landscape of craft beer in New England forever. Founded in 1995, Allagash Brewing Company moved the focus of craft beers from American and German styles to the uber-creative Belgian style, giving owner Rob Tod more room to focus on creativity and original flavors. Since then, Allagash has grown at an overwhelming pace, now available in 17 states as well as through online retailers.

Beer connoisseurs flock to the Allagash beer brand because of its tasty mix of eight flagship beers, four "coolship" beers and over 100 limited release brews. Experimentation is the key to the success of Allagash, which uses traditional Belgian brewing methods and oak barrel aging to provide a plethora of complex, yet accessible flavors.

If you're new to Allagash beers, start with the famed Allagash White. Brewed with malted wheat, oats and unmalted raw wheat, this top-seller gives off an opaque, white appearance with flavors of coriander, orange peel and curacao. After that, your options are limitless. From full-bodied ales to ones on the lighter side, Allagash is a taste of Belgium that doesn't require an expensive plane ticket. Although we hear Brussels is nice this time of year.