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About Three Floyds Brewing

Munster, Indiana, seems like your typical Midwestern town. That is, until you stumble across Three Floyds Brewing. Started in 1996 by brothers Simon and Nick Floyd and their father Mike Floyd, this brewery began with a couple hundred bucks and a Frankenstein-style brewing setup made of a wok-fired kettle, an old cola tank and a few revamped Swiss cheese fermenters. Little did the three Floyds know that these components would lead to the brewers becoming a favorite of the beer geek elite, a title they've held since an article in The Washington Post enshrined them in craft brew folklore.

What put Three Floyds on the map is a beer called Dark Lord — an Imperial stout that's served once a year to only 6,000 ticket holders. This event happens each May, but rowdy crowds have often resulted in increased security, making it a must for the beer guru or day-party fanatic.

If you can't make it to Dark Lord Day, Three Floyds offers 14 year-round brews, 15 barrel-aged offerings and 13 seasonal beers. Ranging from pale ales to lagers and everything in between, no Three Floyds beer tastes the same, yet all are distinctly the handiwork of this family-owned business. Try the Space Station Middle Finger for a smooth American pale ale, or sample the Permanent Funeral for an IPA that kills.