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Cocktails with ginger beer

Suffering from bartender’s ennui? Break your cocktail writer’s block with these snappy, zingy, ginger beer cocktails.

August 13, 2021

Suffering from bartender’s ennui? Break your cocktail writer’s block with these snappy, zingy, ginger beer cocktails.

Until the Mars Rover proves us wrong, ginger remains the most refreshing substance in the known universe. Ginger beer is THE beverage vessel for this marvelous spice. It harnesses the gingery zing of everyday ginger ale and supercharges it.

Ginger beer FAQ

What’s the difference between ginger ale and ginger beer

Ginger beer is decidedly bolder than ginger ale. Try quaffing it as you would ginger ale; might find yourself doing a spit-take. Spicy ginger beer packs in the flavor to the point that it’s more of a mixer than a straight beverage. Ginger beer makes a powerful statement in any cocktail, whereas ginger ale often fades into the background.

Is ginger beer alcoholic?

No, but we can fix that, can’t we? We have the technology.

Why is it so popular?

Ginger beer forms a key mixer ingredient in tons of cocktails. Some you’ve probably had. Others you’ll wanna try in a few minutes. Sure, you’ve ridden the Moscow Mule, but ginger beer supports a diverse stable of mules among others. Saddle up!

Vodka and ginger beer cocktails

Vodka is a subtle, supportive spirit: it forms the boozy backbone of the cocktail but tends to let the other ingredients lead the dance. Pretty refreshing in our fame-obsessed culture, isn’t it?

The Moscow Mule

New to ginger beer? Start here. Ginger beer dominates this cocktail, with smooth vodka and lime juice playing supporting roles. The spicy, citrusy ginger beer teams up with lime juice for an endlessly fresh flavor. Check out our recipe!

Why the copper mug?

Copper effectively maintains the temperature of whatever it’s touching. It will absorb the icy chill of the Moscow mule and cool your lips with every sip. Plus, it looks rad. Never underestimate the power of looking rad.

Vodka mule variations

The mule permutations are endless. Try a flavored vodka like Absolut Pear and let your mule live again. When fall rolls around, pick up some Smirnoff caramel and enjoy a spooky Caramel Apple mule. For no extra charge, we can even hook you up with a recipe for our citrus marmalade mule, a minty treat that sings of spring. With all these vodka mule options, you’ll have no time for mule malaise.

Ginger beer and rum recipes

Rum’s cozy sugar cane base, spice-blend recipes and aging potential make it another strong cocktail candidate. Whether light or dark, rum adds Caribbean accents to cocktails in a way that vodka simply can’t.

Dark and stormy

This rum cocktail steers a Bermuda pirate brig right in your backyard. It’s a simple recipe: ginger beer forms the citrusy backbone, while lime/lemon wedges make for top-notch garnishes. The dark rum adds molasses complexity and the bright ginger character balances everything.

Spiced rum and ginger beer cocktails

For a particularly spice-forward take on the Dark and Stormy, try our Jerry Loves Ginger recipe. Friendly Sailor Jerry’s clove and cinnamon notes pair swimmingly with the ginger beer. Is that flavor off the starboard bow? Aye, matey! Ok.. onto the next port.

Havana Mule

The Cuban take on the mule focuses sharply on citrus flavors. Havana Club Añejo Blanco, a lovely white rum, makes this one properly authentic. If you can’t find guava syrup, simple syrup (1 part sugar to two parts water) will do nicely.

Tequila and ginger beer cocktails

Tequila’s fruity/citrus combo reaffirms the citrusy spice that we love in ginger beer. Depending on the kind of tequila, you’ll also pick up earthy or smoky notes. No wonder we have so many tequila mule recipes. Let’s sip a few.

Mexican Mule

This is our standard Mexican mule recipe. Espolón Blanco made the cut as our favorite for this recipe, but any white “blanco” tequila will do. We always suggest using fresh-squeezed lime juice if you can.

DeLeon Mexican Mule

Bolder tequila calls for added balance. DeLeon’s powerful complexity (we see you, vanilla) needs a bit of simple syrup to level the flavors out, but the extra ingredient makes a big difference. This cocktail punches a little harder: we just want you to top it off with a splash of ginger beer. Cuidado!

Mezcal and ginger beer cocktails

Once you taste your first mezcal mule, you’ll dismiss any notion that mezcal is simply a trendy cocktail darling. This spirit carries the bright soul of tequila but brings along heady aromas of smoke and wood. Mezcal has definitely nudged its way onto the home bar essentials list.

Mezcal mule

Mezcal infuses your ordinary Mexican mule with rich, smoky complexity. You don’t need much in this recipe: about 1/2 oz. (we like Ilegal Mezcal Joven for cocktails). Pour another ounce and a half of your favorite tequila and then use 4 oz. or so of our beloved ginger beer to form the backbone. Squeeze some lime juice over it, add ice and you’re ready for pure Mexican delight. Copper mug with lime wedge garnish is ideal. Feel free to fiddle with the mezcal/tequila ratio to meet your smoky needs.

Whiskey ginger cocktails

We know what you’re thinking: doesn’t a whiskey ginger have ginger ale, not ginger beer? Yes, you got us. Ginger ale definitely has a place in cocktails, and “whiskey ginger” emphatically proves that. We’re tempted to call it a “bunny slope” cocktail, but as we always say: you like what you like. The big trick for balance in this tipple is to use smooth Irish whiskey like ol’ reliable Jameson or smooth Tullamore D.E.W.

The Tennessee Buck

For whiskey/ginger cocktails, you’ll want to rush back to ginger beer. The Tennessee Buck leverages the world-class complexity of Uncle Nearest 1856 Tennessee whiskey. This recipe adds complexity via creamy ginger liqueur. Search our liqueur section for one that’s available in your area.

Buck cocktails and ginger beer

The mules we talked about above are all examples of buck cocktails - i.e. a spirit, a citrus ingredient and ginger beer. Use this template to play with familiar spirits like gin or more exotic offerings like cachaça, which is Brazil’s most popular spirit.

Ginger beer forms a key component in more cocktails than you thought, right? Stubborn though they may be, we never met a mule we didn’t like. We’ve opened the door for you to the world of ginger beer cocktails. Now all you’ve got to do is place an order and we’ll be at your door in under an hour.