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The Drizly spring drink guide.

Seasonal selections that’ll last longer than your new succulent.

They’re fresh. They’re floral.

They’re the hottest drinks of spring. (Not literally.)

  • Spring must-haves

    Starting with none other than SKYY vodka, these are the springiest spring drinks of spring. Go ahead, ask literally anyone.
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  • Top-selling gins

    With all its botanicals and floral notes, gin is basically the unofficial drink of spring. And these are the cream of the crop. The gin crop, specifically.
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  •  Fresh spirits for spring

    Adding a little spring spirit (see what we did there?) to any cocktail is easy with these choice, um, spirits. The handcrafted perfection of Patrón, for instance…
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  • Popular rosés

    If gin is the unofficial spirit of spring, then rosé is its queen (kween?). So find all the best-selling ones here—from rom-com sweet to British-comedy dry.
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  • @roseandchambray’s picks

    We asked wine/cocktail expert Aryanna aka @roseandchambray to pick some of her favorite springtime specialties. And not to overhype them, but yeah, they’re solid.
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  • Fruit-forward beers, sours and seltzers

    Spring is all about reconnecting with nature’s bounty. No, not with a hike. We mean with apricot beers and grapefruit seltzers and stuff.
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