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Give the gift of beer, wine and spirits delivered in under 60 minutes 

November 03, 2023

Send 'em The Gift of Drizly

The Gift of Drizly is the gift of beer, wine and spirits delivered in under 60 minutes. Probably should’ve mentioned that. So whether you’re a last-minute gifter (*points to self*) or want to schedule a gift delivery up to 2 weeks early, boom, The Gift of Drizly. We put together this guide so you can find the perfect gift for every kind of adult beverage aficionado. Or something to send yourself, because hey, it’s the holidays. 

  • For the one you want to impress

    Diamonds are fine. But a bottle of Scotland’s most exceptional whisky is an even rarer gem (haha, wordplay!). 
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  • For the cocktail lover

    They opened your mind to the world of cordials, liqueurs and habanero shrub bitters. You’re still not sure what that last one is, but you know they’re awesome. So here’s how to thank them. 
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  • For the well-traveled

    Botanical gin sourced from Japan, tequila harvested from the highlands of Jalisco... it’s enough to make that super interesting guy from those beer commercials green with jealous rage. 
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  • For the person who's tried everything

    Well, the person who *thinks* they’ve tried everything. Until you hit ‘em with one of these finds. Then they’ll know who the true everything-trier is. 
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  • For someone you want to celebrate

    Maybe they had some big life things happen. Maybe they gave you a quarantine haircut that was actually pretty sweet. In any case, they’ve earned this one. 
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  • Not sure what to get them this year?

    Take our gifting quiz and get handpicked recommendations, aka guaranteed winners.

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