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Raise una copa to Hispanic Heritage Month.

Celebra con Hispanic y Latinx-owned brands. 

September 14, 2021

Between September 15th to October 15th we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. A time when we celebrate people who identify as having Mexican, Caribbean, Central and South American and Spanish origins. From submarines and SIM cards to the “Macarena” and the margarita, we honor las contribuciones y culturas of Hispanics y Latinos.
  • Shop Hispanic and Latinx-owned brands

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    • We've partnered up with IMPASTIAMO, a mujer-owned, virtual cooking class platform. They are offering free virtual cooking and mixology classes featuring Latinx-owned brands and Latinx chefs.

      From classic ceviche to a caipirinha cocktail, you'll learn authentic dishes and cocktails to serve up for all your Latinx celebrations

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    Featured Hispanic and Latinx-owned brands.

    Get to know a few of our favorites.

    • Clase Azul

      It’s sweet. It’s complex. Its bottle is like a piece done by Frida Kahlo. Magnífico. You say you want a cocktail RECIPE, eh? No digas más.
    • Don Q Rum Cristal

      This rum is distilled so many frickin’ times, making it a cleaner, more refined and delicate like una flor. And you know what would go great with this? A cocktail RECIPE. Aquí.
    • YOLA Mezcal

      YOLA knows a thing or two about recipes. Handcrafted and organic, this all-mujer mezcal biz follows a special recipe from 1971 passed down by Yola’s grandfather. Mix it up with Yola, her grandfather and this cocktail RECIPE.
    • Novo Fogo

      Described as rum’s older Brazilian cousin, Novo Fogo is a clear liquor made from sugarcane. It’s sweet, spicy and fruity. And it’s cooler than any of your cousins. Provavelmente. Feelin’ extra stirry? Grab uma colher and this cocktail RECIPE.
    • PiscoLogía

      Velvety and warm. PiscoLogía is a clear Peruivan brandy with flavors of dried currant and banana. And sounds like the blanket of our sueños. Velvvveeetttyyyy. And here’s a cocktail RECIPE. No hay problema.