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Cheers to drinking at home

A couple enjoying wine on their couch

It’s safe to say that drinking at home is having a moment, since many local bars and restaurants aren’t currently open for in-house consumption. Now, more than ever, if we’re going to have a drink, it’s probably going to be while you’re sitting on the couch instead of a bar stool. Maybe you're having a glass of wine on a Zoom call with your friends, taking a mixology class to learn how to make cocktails online, or maybe you're sipping a beer or two during your fourth rewatch of The Office in the past year. No matter what the occasion, Drizly is the alcohol delivery app that's here to bring cheer to your next socially-distanced get together.

We know it's tough, not to be able to go out to bars and restaurants when you want to have a drink, but just because your mode of alcohol consumption changes doesn't mean it has to be for the worse.

You don't have to drink alone

There was a time, not too long ago, when there was a stigma of drinking at your house, especially for those of us who live on their own. These days, we guarantee you have friends and family who are looking for a reason to see you on a Zoom call or Google meet, to chat or play a game. Just because your friends and family can't be in the same room with you doesn't mean you can't raise a glass with them.

You're the bartender

Have you ever gone to a bar or restaurant with a specific drink in mind, only to find out they don't stock your favorite beer, wine or liquor? When you're in charge of the bar, you're in charge of the bar menu, and you can stock up on your favorites, or get a little experimental and try something you haven't had before (Malort anyone?). Don't forget to leave yourself a hefty tip for having such great taste and skill behind the bar!

You can avoid the buzzkills

We can't tell you how many times we've been in a bar, enjoying a quiet drink, only to have a large group of drunken hooligans storm in and turn our quiet oasis into a yelling match about which My Little Pony was the best My Little Pony (it's obviously Pinkie Pie - don't @ me). When you're in your own living room, the only way those hooligans are going to invade your space is if you let them in when they knock - or, we suppose, if they're your friends you meet up with for the aforementioned Zoom call.

What are some other benefits? Well, you won't ever have to wait in line for the bathroom unless your roommate is really getting into baths for some reason. No one will ever bump into you and spill your drink. You won't have to put a coaster on top of your glass to keep it from being scooped up by some overeager table busser when you step away from it. And no one will ever cut in front of you at the bar.

Pants are totally optional

Please have pants on to answer the door when your Drizly delivery arrives, but after you're back inside your place, all bets are off. Do you prefer to sip your beer in the buff, or drink your wine while Winnie the Poohing? We're not here to judge, friend - get comfortable.

There's nothing quite like mixing up a fancy cocktail and drinking it in sweatpants! May we remind you, the Finnish have a whole word describing this very feeling - Kalsarikannit, which can be translated to English as "the feeling when you are going to get drunk home alone in your underwear — with no intention of going out," or the pithier "underweardrunk."

It's way more economical

If you were going out to a bar with your friends, you'd probably have to pay some if not all of these expenses: ride share service, cover charge, marked up drink prices, marked up food prices, coat check, multiple tips for the people helping you out and buying rounds for your friends.

When you're drinking at home, you don't have to travel, you don't have to tip anyone, and the only cost threshold you have to meet is the exceedingly reasonable Drizly order minimum...and did we mention you can do it from your couch? Cheers to that!

Here are some handy links to search for Drizly in your city, or look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.