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Brunch drinks: beer, wine, liquor and cocktails

It’s a skill to pair the best drink with brunch. But when you get those drinks delivered? Immediate MVP. Learn about the best brunch cocktails, wines and beer, and even get them delivered to your door.

It’s a skill to pair the best drink with brunch. But when you get those drinks delivered? Immediate MVP. Learn about the best brunch cocktails, wines and beer, and even get them delivered to your door.

For many, brunch is a relaxing social experience that is treasured each Saturday and Sunday. People plan their whole week around such gatherings, anticipating the endless food options — along with indulging in cocktails specially created for brunch. But which brunch cocktails go best with which dishes? What about breakfast wines? Some may even want breakfast beers. Since any decent brunch will have a wide array of victuals on the menu, we’ve decided to serve up some pairing suggestions tailor-made to the food you might order.

Cocktail basics

Let’s begin with two of the most popular go-to drinks to accompany your brunch feast: the simple and cleansing Mimosa and the more complex Bloody Mary. If you look at other tables around you, you’re likely to see many of these sitting before your fellow patrons. The mimosa is made up of two simple ingredients: orange juice and champagne, plus an orange wedge garnish. With a generous blend of citric acids and sparkling goodness, it’s the perfect way to cut through cheese omelets and eggs benedict, providing a great counterbalance to the meals. Plus, those tiny little bubbles do a great job lifting grease off your tongue to refresh your palate for your next bite!

And speaking of meals, some people refer to a spicy Bloody Mary as a meal unto itself. The hearty cocktail starts with tomato juice spiced with everything from horseradish and Worcester sauce to pickle brine, lemon juice, and hot peppers. Recipes will vary, but in the end, they all get vodka to add the punch. The resulting concoction is best for washing down more savory fare. Think anything you might order with bacon, or even a nice slice of glazed ham straight from the cutting board. Despite its substantial-quality, you will find it complements a filling, meaty selection very nicely. You can try other base spirits beyond vodka too - the mix will go well with everything from Aquavit to tequila (aka a Bloody Maria).

Leveling up your cocktail game

There comes a time when you need something with a little more power behind the drink to really amp up your brunch experience. If you’re chowing down on a Mexican version of the Sunday favorite such as huevos rancheros, it only leads to the reason that it may be time for a Margarita pairing. A good cocktail recipe for this south-of-the-border mainstay will include a high-end tequila, lime juice, orange liqueur, simple syrup, and, of course, some salt added to the rim. If you’re opting for something fruitier on your plate like strawberry blintzes, try out a Bellini — Prosecco with fresh peach puree.

For the wine lovers

Feeling a little more upscale and trendy with your brunch choices? It may be time to shift from cocktail accompaniments to some great wine pairings. Let’s say you’re in a hip spot ready to mack out on a nice bit of avocado toast. Acidic elements found in a New Zealand sauvignon blanc will go up against the dish’s fatty feel. If you’re enjoying something more in the sweet category like blueberry pancakes, a lightly sweet moscato will taste right at home in your mouth. Should your brunch choice be loaded with veggies, such as a nice spinach quiche, try out a balanced California shiraz. Fishing for a smoked salmon dish? We don’t blame you! Everybody knows white wine always goes well with fish, so we suggest a lovely French chardonnay to swim around your taste buds with your lox. And if it’s a steak and eggs kind of a day, an Argentine malbec is just the thing.
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    You better believe that there are a whole lot of great beers to pair for your Sunday morning festivities. If you’re going for a filling breakfast sandwich, maybe with eggs, cheese, and sausage, a thick coffee stout will give you a filling sense of heft to your meal. Sometimes that brunch buffet line leads you to the roast beef and rosemary potatoes. It’s perfectly fine to reach for a hoppy IPA if a powerful ale won’t completely diminish the red meat you're indulging in. Banana-stuffed waffles can easily make friends with a nice unfiltered hefeweizen, with its natural banana tones playing very nicely with the flavors in your prodigious brunch choice. But if you’re going for a simple serving of fried eggs with bacon, stick to something that won’t challenge the simpler taste of those basics, like a crisp pilsner.
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  • Whether you're hoping for a mimosa or an IPA, there are always options to enjoy your brunch at home or a restaurant. If you end up opting to order-in for brunch, there are still countless ways to enjoy a mid-day cocktail. Check out Drizly for endless options, all delivered within an hour.