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Aviation Gin & 6 Underground

Famous people! Explosions! Gin delivered to your door!

December 13, 2019

While you’re home safely watching the 436 explosions that occur during 6 Underground on Netflix, you may notice a certain Gin brand owned by a certain actor in that movie. And not that we have anything invested in this, but you could conceivably get said gin delivered to your door in under 60 minutes using yours truly to complete the marketing circle of life. Get $5 off by using code* 6UNDERGROUND because...obviously. 

“It’s an explosion in your mouth” 

-Ryan Reynolds, owner of Aviation Gin & star of 6 Underground, only on Netflix

Aviation Gin

Aviation Gin

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Watch Ryan Reynolds blow things up

DO try this at home

Put Aviation Gin to work and make some fly cocktails

  • 6 Underground Martini

    Freeze Aviation Gin bottle overnight with martini glass. Cut large orange peel. Pour 3 oz Aviation Gin into frozen glass. Bend orange peel in half and spritz orange oil into gin. Use orange peel to stir, then drop it into gin.
  • "No One" Negroni

    Stir 1 oz Aviation Gin, 1 oz Campari, and 1 oz sweet red vermouth into a glass over ice, garnish and serve. 
Aviation Gin

Aviation Gin


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