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It’s Pride month. Let’s raise a glass.

Share the love and bring LGBTQIA-owned and ally* brands to the party.

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  • Everything is better when we celebrate together.

    ‘Tis the season for rainbows, parades, and all forms of equal love. That’s right, it’s Pride month. So no matter how you celebrate or who you celebrate with, show even more support for Pride with these LGBTQIA-owned brands.

    • Gay Beer

      Jason Pazmino and Jon Moore started Gay Beer as a delicious way to give back to the queer community. Not only do they bring representation to the beer industry, they give a  portion of the proceeds to support LGBTQIA+ advocacy groups.
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      Started by Cathy Plourde and Kara Larson, Rhodium is an LGBTQIA-owned spirits company that hand-forages botanicals off the Rhode Island coast. It’s a crisp new twist on a classic, and it’s no surprise they won Gold at the SF World Spirits Competition.
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      Pia Carusone and Rachel Gardner are founders of Republic Restoratives, the largest crowdfunded distillery in the U.S. At the brand’s core is inclusivity, challenging convention, and a delicious spin on the spirits you love.
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      Mark Lyon started Eco Terreno Wines because he seriously cares about the earth. This LGBTQIA-owned winery uses bee gardens and a natural approach to farming, making wine that’s balanced, full-bodied and beautiful.
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    Discover brands that are LGBTQIA+ allies

    For these brands, being a queer ally means using their influence to consistently show up to support the LGBTQIA+ community.


      To bring more love to Pride, Absolut is continuing it’s 40+ year allyship to the LGBTQIA+ community with Out & Open, an ongoing initiative to celebrate and help queer-owned bars and restaurants thrive as their industry faces a steady decline.
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    • Tom of Finland Vodka

      To educate the public on the merits of erotic art, proceeds from every purchase will go to back to the Tom of Finland Foundation – a non-profit foundation established by Tom and his friend Dick Dehner in 1984 – and will work to promote healthier, more tolerant attitudes toward sexuality. 
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    *Ally brands include any brand that has shown proof of an active initiative, program, or partnership that directly supports the LGBTQIA+ community.