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Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Raise a glass with these AAPI-owned brands

May 05, 2022

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is all about celebrating the people, stories, and achievements of the AAPI community. So if you’re doing it with some drinks, these AAPI-owned brands are a great place to get started.
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  • AAPI-owned brands breaking barriers:

    • 90+ Cellars

      Founded in 2009 by Kevin Mehra (left), with the mission of making premium wine more accessible, 90+ Cellars works with acclaimed wineries and vineyards to build an expansive collection of wines to deliver exceptional value at every level, from everyday wines to higher-end selections. Now, it’s one of the fastest-growing wine brands in the U.S.
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    • Glyph Spirits

      Started in 2018 by Endless West owners Alec Lee, Mardonn Chua, and Josh Decolongon (left), Glyph has been making waves for the 24-hour scientific method they use to make their whiskey, dubbed “note-by-note production.” In their first 2 years, Glyph Original has won 14 awards, including the Platinum award at the 2020 SIP competition.
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    • Highland Brewing

      Started by Oscar Wong (left) in 1994, Highland is the first legal brewery in Asheville since prohibition *and* the largest independent, family-owned brewery native to the Southeast. Now led by daughter Leah Wong Ashburn, its line of award-winning beer includes Gaelic Ale, AVL IPA, Daycation IPA, Highland Pilsner and Black Mocha Stout.
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    More AAPI-owned brands to try ASAP:

    • Makku

      Makku founder Carol Pak (left) first experienced the slightly sweet, fizzy, and tangy concoction known as “makgeolli” on a trip to Korea in 2017. She was captivated, and after another trip and several dozen more tastings, decided to bring the drink to the US. With the help of her mother, an herbalist, Carol started Makku using real, natural ingredients, resulting in an “unordinary brew for people who like having unordinary (and tasteful) lives."
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    • Yobo Soju

      A fusion of Korean and American cultures, Yobo Soju is the brainchild of another dynamic duo, Carolyn Kim and James Kumm (left). Crafted in small batches along the Seneca Lake in New York using local grapes and New York water, the result is an award-winning soju that contains no sulfites, preservatives, additives or sugars.
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    • Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

      Founded by Steven Yeng and his wife/business partner, Brittany (left), Skrewball is a one-of-a-kind whiskey that wears the “black sheep” badge with pride. Combining two of life’s greatest gifts—peanut butter and whiskey—Skrewball goes together so well, it’ll make jelly jealous.
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