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  • A Fighting Spirit on the field 

    Check out the comeback story of Jerome Bettis and how his Fighting Spirit took him from the tough streets of Detroit to the Hall of Fame.

    Celebrate with Modelo Especial, an authentic Mexican lager

    With both crisp and refreshing taste, Modelo Especial is a well-balanced beer full of flavor.

    Enjoy the surprisingly crisp flavor of Modelo Negra

    A medium bodied lager that proves dark beer can deliver both full flavor and refreshing taste.

    Experience the vibrancy and authentic flavors of Modelo Cheladas

    As authentic as all other Modelo beers, our Modelo Cheladas come in a variety of flavors including; Traditional, Tamarindo Picante, Limon y Sal, and Mango y Chile.

    Discover Micheladas, a traditional Mexican drink

    Craft some of our original cocktail recipes

    Click here for full recipe and more

    Stay refreshed with the Pinta De Verano

    A cool year-round drink that's full of fruit and flavor.
    Click here for full recipe and more

    Our Mexican Heritage

    Since 1925, we've proven that it doesn't matter where you come from, it matters what you're made of.

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