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The 3-step Drizly guide to making the perfect cocktail

July 06, 2020

You don’t need to be a bartender or a certified mixologist to craft tasty cocktails. But if you’re looking for a few simple tips to mix up craft cocktails like a pro, read along (and watch) these three easy steps to learn things like:
– How to measure the perfect pour
– Which cocktails need a vigorous shake or swift stir
– How to use a Hawthorne Strainer 

Before you know it, you’ll be a pro. Just don't do any of that behind the back crap.

1. How to measure a pour

A single? A double? What does that even mean?  Skip the extra step of measuring and count the servings with your fingers — one finger is a single, and two fingers is a double. It’s easy and you look cool doing it. Check out the video to see it in action.

2. Shake vs stir

The age-old question: to stir or to shake? Whether you like your martinis like James Bond or prefer a more classic take, there's a rule of thumb to help you master mixology. When the cocktail has ingredients like citrus or juice, shake it up. If it’s more liquor based, stirring is the way to go. Whether your shaking, stirring or doing your own personally branded cocktail mixing dance to get your cocktail together, don’t go overboard or it’ll get watered down.

3. Strain

Before you pour your finished cocktail, grab a Hawthorne strainer to make sure nothing but the good stuff makes it into your glass. Curious how to use one? After you've shaken/stirred /danced your cocktail into infusion, put on the Hawthorne strainer and place a finger on it for a firm grip. Start pouring, making sure none of the ice gets through, aaaand from there, you're good!

There you have it. A quick bartenders guide to stirring up your own cocktail recipes. Share them with on Twitter @drizly and Instagram @drizlyinc with #GoodTimesDelivered.