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Cosplay summer with the Don Q Flores Daiquiri.

Banana hammock not required, but highly encouraged.

It tastes like Don Q and summer had a baby.

So you know it’s pretty damn good.

Turn up the heat. Rub on the sunless tanner. And put on your most vibrant banana hammock. Because it’s time to cosplay summer. And what better way to than a Don Q Flores Daiquiri? It’s light. It’s refreshing. It’s sweet. It’s sour. It literally has the word “flowers” in its name. So throw some sand on your living room floor, relax and start daiquiri-ing.
  • The Don Q Flores Daiquiri

    You’ll need
    – 1 ½  oz. Don Q Cristal Rum
    – ¾ oz. freshly squeezed lime juice
    – ¼ oz.  elderflower liqueur
    – 1-3 drops orange flower water
    – 1 passion fruit
    – Orange zest
    – Ice

    1. Get a shaker.
    2. Add all liquid ingredients and ice.
    3. Shake it.
    4. Pour it into a glass.
    5. Add orange zest.
    6. Cut passion fruit in half.
    7. Throw on that fruit full of passion to garnish.
    8. Live your life in a delusional-summertime bliss.