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Can the Teeling Irish Coffee get more Irish?

Probably, but we ran out of green food coloring.

The brown drink that’s green in spirit.

Come for the coffee. Stay for the caffeine-induced jig.

Irish coffee? For St. Patrick’s Day? Can we get an o’yeah? Feast your eyes and your lips on the Teeling Irish Coffee. This velvety, warm and caffeinated drink is so good. And so Irish. Teeling is actually distilled in Dublin, which makes this drink green in spirit despite its less-than-green appearance. So order up and get Irish-ing.
  • Teeling Irish Coffee

    You’ll need
    – 2 parts Teeling Small Batch
    – 6 parts black coffee
    – 1 part At Home Spice Syrup
       – 2 parts sugar
       – 1 part hot water
       – 1 tsp. grated dark chocolate
       – ¼  tsp. grated cinnamon
    – Fresh cream to top
    – Grated nutmeg or chocolate to garnish

    To make the At Home Spice Syrup:
       1. Add sugar, dark chocolate and cinnamon to hot water.
       2. Stir.
       3. Stir.
       4. Stir until the ingredients are dissolved.
       5. Done.

    To make the Teeling Irish Coffee:
       1. Preheat glass with hot coffee.
       2. Pour in the whiskey.
       3. Add the At Home Spice Syrup.
       4. Stir.
       5. Throw on some fresh cream.
       6. Sprinkle on some nutmeg or chocolate to garnish.
       7. Enjoy.