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DIY wedding partying with purpose

Stock your bar with minority, LBGTQ+ and locally owned brands

For couples planning their own weddings, expressions of what matters don’t have to end once vows are fully spoken. By their self-made and highly personal nature, DIY weddings are perfect for those wishing to underscore what’s important to them – overtly, discretely, or anywhere in between – from that walk down the aisle to the evening’s final toast.

It may be surprising to learn that a wedding bar can go a long way to making a values statement. In fact, our recent study found that purpose is mattering more and more to alcohol shoppers; specifically, factors like the environmental record of brands, local-ness of producers and diversity of ownership. The same study found older Gen Z’ers and Millennials – those most likely to be tying knots and DIYing their weddings – leading the charge.

The key is knowing how to discover, and where to find, the wine, bubbly, beer and spirits that make an impact. White Glove, a no cost, concierge service from Drizly, can help find wine, beer and spirits owned by Black and AAPI people, women, LGBTQ+ individuals and craft producers based close to a couple’s hometown. There are more than you may think among our more than 150,000 total offerings nationwide.

Our experts at White Glove can curate which products make sense for your wedding based on their priorities, guest count and overall budget. Once choices are made, the team closes the loop, tapping a 5,000-strong network of retailers for the widest selection and best prices available locally, and schedule delivery right to the venue on wedding day.

“So much of a self-produced wedding is personalizing every detail to reflect what’s important to you, so why not take the same approach to your bar,” said Kim Hedmark, who runs White Glove and recently DIYed her own wedding. “The ability to custom-tailor alcohol to the impact statement couples wish to make is the kind of challenge our team thrives on.”

Hedmark and her team offer this head start on brands that deliver more than a terrific taste experience.