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Guide to Valentine's Day drinks

However you’re celebrating this year, have some dang good drinks with you. Bonus: get them delivered and never have to leave home at all.

Valentine’s Day is an annual opportunity to spread some love. Whether it’s to your partner, your friends, or your fish. You know what pairs with moments like these? Drinks. So we’ve rounded some Valentine’s Day product recommendations that are perfect for your Valentine’s Day dinner, your galentine’s drinks, or your annual horror movie marathon. Ideally you’ll also try to relax and have fun with it, remembering that Romeo and Juliet probably overdid it.

What’s a great sparkling rosé for Valentine’s Day?

Whatever your V-Day plans are, chances sparkling rosé in a champagne flute makes a great start to your Valentine’s pageantry. Veuve Clicquot Rosé Champagne is our go-to for special occasions. It’s full of bright, complex red fruit and berry aromas, many of which carry directly into that delicate, bubbly flavor.

What’s an affordable sparkling rosé?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, there’s plenty of tasty sparkling wines out there that don’t drain your checking account. Austria’s Meinklang Frizzante doesn’t roll off the tongue, but it’s a revelatory rosé. Its floral, fruity character is great on its own or with cheese, grapes and crackers. This is an affordable but tasty Valentine’s Day pick. If you want some more guidance in this department, check out our guide to Champagne and sparkling wine.
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  • What’s a good sour beer for Valentine’s Day?

    Lindeman’s Framboise Lambic can take the place of rosé for the beer lover in your life. It’s a wild belgian (fermented with wild yeast) ale with lots of ripe raspberry character. It’s got a pleasant acidity to balance out the fruit sweetness.
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  • What are good red wines for Valentine’s Day dinner?

    Between the flowery roses and the heart-shaped cards, there’s a whole lot of red floating around on Valentine’s Day. The only red you really MUST get right, though, is the wine. You could reach for the same cabernet sauvignon that you always get for dinner, but let’s face it, that’s pragmatic - not romantic. Try something new by snagging some Italian reds.

    Barolo, the pride of the Nebbiolo Grape

    Barolo is a powerful, complex and beautifully structured red wine made with black nebbiolo grapes. It hails from the Piemonte region of northern Italy, not far from where Leonardo da Vinci invented romance in the 15th century. Barolo is a protected Denominazione di Origine Controllata DOC, with strict laws governing where it’s made. If you can't find a barolo, French Pinot Noir is a great option as well.

    What does barolo taste like?

    Barolo pours a gorgeous ruby/garnet color. Its intense aromas and flavors help build world-renowned structure. You’ll smell cherries and other stone fruits, as well as bits of licorice and perhaps even an oddly satisfying tar character. Many of these aromas carry through to the full flavor, which is tannic and acidic, but not aggressively tart.

    What does barolo pair with?

    Barolo is a lighter bodied wine that pairs well with northern Italian dishes like risotto, but its strong flavors are an asset in richer Italian dishes like ravioli or a nice pasta with fresh sauce. Barolo is usually about 14-15% ABV and while it’s a little pricier than your average Cab, it’s a distinct change of pace that will help make your Valentine’s day dinner more memorable.
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  • What’s the most romantic red wine?

    Brunello, the elusive Tuscan

    Brunello di Montalcino (DOC, of course) represents a serious refinement of the Italian superstar grape Sangiovese. It’s not common, but if you can get it, you might have yourself a new Valentine’s day tradition. A similar tasting substitute for Brunello is chianti.

    What does brunello taste like?

    It’s hard to name a wine that packs more flavor than this one. Younger versions have big fruit expressions of cherry, strawberry and blackberry, but also bits of licorice and earth. Older versions retain some of the fruit, but add chocolate and leather to the equation. This is a high-tannin red with excellent structure and balance. We won’t oversell it, but brunello can more than cover for a sub-par box of Valentine’s chocolates.

    What does brunello pair with?

    Brunello is right at home with red meats like steak, lamb or game birds. Rich, buttery rosemary potatoes make an excellent side dish for this wine, as well.
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  • Valentine’s day cocktails

    It’s funny how a simple tweak on a classic cocktail can change the whole game. On Valentine’s Day, for example, substitute Glendalough Rosé Gin into any of our gin cocktails to give them an alluring pinkish hue with a floral complexity. Try a pink gimlet before someone beats you to it! Not your thing? We’ve got a whole box of chocolate’s worth of cocktail recipes for Valentine’s Day.

    What’s a nice liquor for Valentine’s Day?

    Cognac is a classic french brandy and a rather heady, steamy digestif. It ages in french wood for at least 2 years before you can get your hands on it. Try a neat glass of Remy Martin VSOP and enjoy intense flavors of dried fruit, vanilla and spice.

    Chocolate liqueur locktails for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day has its share of sweets, but we think you’ll agree that a liquid dessert is the best way to end a meal. Or hey, go crazy and have dessert first. Grab a bottle of Bailey’s and try a Bailey’s Martini. If you need a bit of post-meal perking up, pour a cup of coffee with Godiva’s Belgian chocolate liqueur

    Casual Valentine’s Day beers

    So you’ve opted for a minimalist pizza-and-beer approach to Valentine’s Day. Worth it. Save some dollars - romance is possible year-round anyway, right? Maybe you’re just having a beer with a pal; we love that.

    What’s a good beer for a casual Valentine’s Day?

    Maybe the name is a bit on-the-nose, but Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale is a beer that pairs well with pizza but has enough hop charge and malt balance to make the evening feel special. Crack open a citrusy, complex Two-Hearted with whoever is worthy of your time and energy - whether you’re IN love with them or you just love their company. That’s a solid place to start.

    What’s a good cheap beer for casual Valentine’s Day?

    To get really fancy without fussing this Valentine’s day, get out your classiest champagne flutes and pour some smooth, grainy Miller High Life lager. Bonus points if you top it off with Lindeman’s for a bit of pinkish color. This is the epitome of cost-effective Valentine’s Day class. We support this practice most other days of the year, by the way.

    Even though we know all the secrets to romance, we can’t tell you all of them. Where would the fun be in that? At least now you know some of the best drinks to pair with your Valentine - whatever that means to you.