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5 affordable and tasty celebrity owned wine brands

Curious about some of the celebrity owned wine brands you’ve been hearing about? Pour a glass while we break them down.

Curious about some of the celebrity owned wine brands you’ve been hearing about? Pour a glass while we break them down.

There’s a whole bunch of celebrity wine out there. So many brands, in fact, that to say it’s confusing is an understatement. Here at Drizly, you know we’re here to bring some clarity to the chaos and give you the facts you need. So, we’ve put a list together of some of our favorite celebrity owned wines that are perfect for any occasion - and won’t break the bank. So read on, and forgive us for the song puns. We just couldn't help it.

19 Crimes, Cali Red

Snoop Dogg

  • This bottle of red is great quality at an awesome price point. This red blend has bold notes of black and blue fruit from petit sirah, with a hint of candied fruits thanks to the zinfandel. It’s not too dry, not too sweet and has just the right amount of fruitiness. And don’t even get us started at how much we love Snoop’s face on the cork, or the quotes you can listen to on the AR app. As our social media manager would say, “all around 12/10 would recommend,” so we recommend putting aside your Gin ‘n Juice to pick some up.
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    19 Crimes, Cali Red - Snoop Dogg

Invivo X, SJP

Sarah Jessica Parker

If you’re a fan of New Zealand sauvignon blanc, or full-bodied roses, it’s time to add Invivo X & SJP to your wine rack. Invivo X, SJP sauvignon blanc is a great New Zealand SB with a fresh, crisp feel, a tropical taste and smooth finish. You’ll notice a little bit of herbaceousness and citrus while sipping this wine as well, as is traditional from a New Zealand SB. Invivo X, SJP rose comes from the “Golden Triangle'' in Provence region of France (the Golden Triangle is Saint Tropez, Puget-Ville and Le Thoronet) and is a blend of cinsault, grenache and syrah grapes. In terms of taste, this rose is full bodied and complex with flavors of rose petal and berries. PS - Invivo also tries to run as sustainably as possible, with the winery running almost entirely on solar energy. So, we’re sold.
Invivo X SJP Sarah Jessica Parker Sauvignon Blanc

Invivo X SJP Sarah Jessica Parker Sauvignon Blanc

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Dreaming Tree

Dave Matthews

  • Dreaming Tree is a collaboration between Dave Matthews and Sean McKenzie. They chose to create simple, delicious wines that people could afford and enjoy. Take that, and combine with the fact that all of their wine is from their Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing winery and all the labels are FSCⓇ Certified, it’s already a winner. Dreaming Tree has seven wines, ranging from light sauvignon blancs to big, bold cabernet sauvignons, all under $25 on Drizly. Looking for more information about Dreaming Tree? Check out this page where we have So Much to Say
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    Dreaming Tree - Dave Matthews

Hampton Water

Bon Jovi

Hampton Water is a collaboration born in 2017 by Bon Jovi, Jesse Bongiovi, Ali Franklin and Gerard Bertrand. Fast forward, and the group has made a fruity, floral and balanced rose. This blend of grenache, cinsault and mouvedre grapes received a 90-point rating from Wine Spectator and was named one of their Top 100 wines in 2018. Bottom line, if you’re looking for an affordable rosé with tasting notes of citrus, fresh grapefruit and melon, stop Livin’ on a Prayer (I'm sorry) and add this to your list.

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Hampton Water Rose

Hampton Water Rose

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Maison No. 9

Post Malone

  • Maison No. 9 is definitely the rosé all day kind of wine. It’s light, crisp and fruity. Maison No. 9, which hails from the Provence region in France is light, high quality and accessible. Overall this wine is fruity and not too sweet. As Post says himself, “Rosé is for when you want to get a little fancy.” With Maison No. 9, it’s the perfect opportunity to get a lil fancy over a picnic with friends. And you know that wine opener you’re bound to forget because - who remembers one? Don’t need it. This cork is glass. Drinking wine is Better Now, because Post thought of everything.
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    Maison No. 9 - Post Malone