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Guide to ready to drink cocktails

Learn about ready to drink cocktail brands and products. Then get them delivered straight to your door. Boom.

Learn about ready to drink cocktail brands and products. Then get them delivered straight to your door. Boom.

We’ll be the first to say it. Sometimes, the best cocktails are the ones shaken up by bartenders. Who doesn't love a tasty spritz at your favorite outdoor patio? Admit it though, there’s also an occasion or two (or 10) where you just want something a little easier. What if we told you there was a drink you could buy that provided all the flavor of your favorite cocktail without the need to buy it at the bar or get the ingredients at home? This is where ready to drink is just what you want. Whether you’re at the beach, tailgating, having brunch at home or straight up you're just out of tequila and there's no way you're heading out to get ingredients to shake up a cocktail - RTDs are a must.

What are ready to drink cocktails?

Ready to drink, or RTD, are premium pre-made cocktails. They’re made with a variety of different mixers (think mango, cucumber, peach, lemonade - pretty much anything under the sun,) shaken up with liquors like vodka, tequila or whiskey and basically create the perfect pre-packaged and easy to travel beverage. RTDs have really spiked in popularity recently - and why shouldn’t they? They’re portable, tasty and convenient as heck. Not to mention you can get all the taste of a cocktail at home without the mess of actually making one.

One of the best things about RTDs is that you have the ability to try new cocktails without the commitment of buying different bottles of beer, wine, liquor or mixers for a new recipe. Think you might like a cocktail but don't want to commit to purchasing all the ingredients? RTDs are for you. Want to try a new grapefruit, mango or ginger cocktail without the need to actually buy any produce? RTDs. Or maybe you're trying to get into Bloody Marys but don't want to buy a billion condiments. RTDs.

As we mentioned before - you can get a ready to drink cocktail with pretty much any liquor in it. So go ahead and try out a new tequila cocktail, no prep needed. Or maybe you're feeling summery and want a little whiskey and lemonade action. RTDs have you covered there too.

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