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Gift guide: tequila

November 03, 2023

*oming intensifies* Tequila. It’s been called everything from “the healthiest liquor there is” to “Oh God, don’t even mention that around me.” But there’s a lot more beneath the surface of this oft-misunderstood spirit. Which is why we’re here. Breathe deep, friends, and let our spirit (heh) be your guide to gifting tequila this year. Which one of these cosmic categories does your giftee fall into? Clairvoyance is not a guarantee…

For the artistic being

It’s said that one should never shop for drinks based on the label. But what are we if not visual creatures? Besides, these tequilas taste as good as their labels look.
  • For the ride-or-die

    “A trusted friend deserves a tequila just as trustworthy.” – Abraham Lincoln, we think. Don’t quote us on that. Anyway, these tequilas are true blue (agaves). 
  • For the tequila denier

    Just as an open mind is the key to enlightenment, an open palette is the key to a fuller spirit (collection). So if you’re looking to convert any skeptic to the Temple of Tequila, look no further.
  • For the nature guru

    Some connect with Mother Earth via a $4,000 hiking trip in the Belizean mountains. Others choose organic tequila. Guess which one we’re recommending here.
  • For the one who says “diamonds are crystals too”

    Although one should not be confined to monetary trappings, a bottle plucked from the highest end of the shelf can say a lot for the right occasion. This is such an occasion.