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  • 11% ABV
  • Italy
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Product Description

Aperol is a classic Italian aperitif and key ingredient in Italy’s most popular cocktail, the Aperol Spritz. Its low alcohol content makes it perfect for daytime. Bright orange in color, its unique bittersweet taste is derived from sweet and bitter oranges, herbs and roots. It is a secret recipe that has remained unchanged, since its creation in 1919. An Aperol Spritz is unforgettably delicious and the perfect way to enjoy a weekend brunch or after work drink with friends.

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About The Brand

Aperol is one of the Italians' favorite aperitif, created in 1919 by the Barbieri brothers and launched at the Padua International Fair. In the immediate post-war period and in later years, Aperol became popular all over Italy, particularly with people with an active lifestyle. Nowadays, Aperol is distributed in dozens of countries worldwide. Aperol® Liqueur. 11% alc./vol. (22 Proof). Imported by Campari America, San Francisco, CA. ©2016. Please enjoy responsibly.

How To Make An Aperol Spritz

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