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Alcohol delivery in Lewisville

Beer, wine, spirits and more delivered to your door.

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Lewisville sits at the top of a triangle whose bottom corners are Dallas and Fort Worth, and trust us — it’s a pretty sweet place to be. Lewisville is where you go if you’re looking for world-class golfing, excellent restaurants, diverse shopping experiences and beautiful neighborhoods. And there was something... else, too…what was it? Oh yeah! Lewisville Lake -- one of the most beautiful bodies of water ever to accrue from the shimmering tears of the heavens. This lake turns landlocked Lewisville into beachfront property. Its waters are 72º, perfect for swimming and water sports. The lake itself is over twice as large as Manhattan and holds 685 million cubic meters of fresh water — and here’s a fun fact you didn’t order — that’s enough to cover the state of Rhode Island in a foot of water. The Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon and get kids engaged with this magnificent lake. While we’re on the subject of liquids, it’s worth mentioning that you can get stellar booze delivered straight to your door in Lewisville, and it happens in 60 minutes or less. Just whip out your phone and open the Drizly app or website. Choose over 685 million cubic meters of beers, wines and liquors sourced directly from local businesses. Hit order and we’ll take care of the rest.

FAQs about alcohol delivery in Lewisville

  • Are you sure alcohol delivery is legal?

    Yes, alcohol delivery is perfectly legal in the cities and states we serve. We've been helping local stores deliver beer, wine and liquor since 2012, so you can trust us that it’s all above board!

  • Does Drizly offer contactless delivery?

    Yes! We all want to make the alcohol delivery experience as safe and easy as possible. You'll need to show your ID to your driver, but you can hold it up for contactless scanning. We have also recommended retailers contact you for delivery instructions, and eliminate customer signatures to minimize what you need to touch.

  • How does Drizly work?

    Drizly partners with local liquor retailers to bring their inventory to your fingertips. Just download the Drizly app to a smartphone (iOS and Android), or use your Web browser to get your favorite beer, wine or liquor delivered to your doorstep.

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