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Alcohol delivery in Union City, NJ

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Leaving Manhattan via the Lincoln Tunnel, you’ll find yourself smack dab in Union City, a diverse and more affordable neighborhood... in New Jersey. Known for its history of burlesque performances, Union City is now home to a growing number of young professionals escaping sky-high New York City rents. Today, the area is also known as “Havana on the Hudson” due to the generations of Cuban immigrants who settled there. Unsurprisingly, you can find an authentic Cuban sandwich and slice of tres leches cake around most corners. What’s more, the mojito originated in Cuba, so your cocktail craving will be more than accommodated in the sweltering New Jersey summers. Skip the traffic flowing in from I-495 and let Drizly bring your cocktail needs to you. Whether you’re craving the rum and lime juice for a classic mojito or hoping for a fresh sangria, you can trust that Drizly will get to you quickly. Just browse what’s available locally at your Union City liquor stores and let Drizly do the rest.

FAQs about alcohol delivery in Union City, NJ

  • How does Drizly work?

    Drizly partners with local liquor retailers to bring their inventory to your fingertips. Just download the Drizly app to a smartphone (iOS and Android), or use your Web browser to get your favorite beer, wine or liquor delivered to your doorstep.

  • Does Drizly offer contactless delivery?

    Yes! We all want to make the alcohol delivery experience as safe and easy as possible. You'll need to show your ID to your driver, but you can hold it up for contactless scanning. We have also recommended retailers contact you for delivery instructions, and eliminate customer signatures to minimize what you need to touch.

  • Is alcohol delivery legal in NJ?

    Yes. It is legal for a liquor store to deliver alcoholic beverages, as long as the beverages being delivered are paid for in advance, are received by someone 21 or older, and that they take place when the licensed establishment is permitted to be open.

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