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Alcohol delivery in Des Moines, IA

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Historians debate how Iowa's capital city received its name. Des Moines is clearly named for the nearby Des Moines River,... but it's uncertain why the early French settlers decided on the moniker. Moines translates to "monks" in English (thank you Google Translate), so the name is often attributed to early French monks who lived in the region. Others argue that the name comes from an early Native American word: moingona. Moingona — which the early settlers adopted and shortened to "moin" — described a path for boats between waterways. Still, others suggest that the name is related to the French word for middle, or "moyen," given the Des Moines River is situated midway up the Mississippi River. No matter where you got your name from Des Moines, you're a pretty cool town, proving there's more to the state than cornfields (though technically speaking Iowa is the largest corn producer in the country). From the gold-domed capitol building to a zombie-themed restaurant, Des Moines blends history and midwestern eccentricity. To make life even better, Drizly now partners with local liquor stores to deliver locally throughout Des Moines.

FAQs about alcohol delivery in Des Moines, IA

  • Are you sure alcohol delivery is legal?

    Yes, alcohol delivery is perfectly legal in the cities and states we serve. We've been helping local stores deliver beer, wine and liquor since 2012, so you can trust us that it’s all above board!

  • Does Drizly offer contactless delivery?

    Yes! We all want to make the alcohol delivery experience as safe and easy as possible. You'll need to show your ID to your driver, but you can hold it up for contactless scanning. We have also recommended retailers contact you for delivery instructions, and eliminate customer signatures to minimize what you need to touch.

  • Can I tip my delivery driver?

    Tips may be collected for delivery drivers/personnel during checkout. Please note that each Drizly Retail Partner manages their individual tipping policy at their own discretion, so the tip received may be distributed differently from store to store.

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