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visual representation of Miami, FL

Alcohol delivery in Miami, FL

Beer, wine and liquor delivered in under 60 minutes

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Miami is one of those few American cities that defines a whole chunk of the country. New York epitomizes northeast... hustle and bustle. Los Angeles represents West-Coast style and pizzazz. But Miami is something altogether different: a massive metropolis set on tropical white-sand beaches, where nightlife, cultural diversity, hurricanes, sunshine, seafood and culture are as natural as a palm tree swaying in the breeze. The majority of Miami’s residents were born outside the U.S., and that makes sense as you wander its neighborhoods full of French, Middle Eastern, Greek, Creole and Caribbean restaurants. Then there’s the bar scene, which can be even more overwhelming. Make it a bit simpler by shopping with Drizly. You can have any beer, wine or liquor under the sun delivered to your door in 60 minutes or less from one of Miami’s 55 off-premises stores that partner with Drizly. That’s quick booze delivery with a vengeance. So whether you’re packing your beach cooler or getting something to pair with takeout, you can find it on Drizly’s app or website.

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