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Alcohol delivery in Bakersfield, CA

Beer, wine and liquor delivered in under 60 minutes

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How is it that Bakersfield has had such a monumental impact on the entire country? You might expect the answer... to be something like agriculture. Wrong (well, also right, but not the point we’re trying to make). Bakersfield has distinguished itself not by almonds or citrus but by country music. Wait, isn’t country music just for Texas and Nashville? Hardly. Back in the hee-haw days of the 1930s when the Dust Bowl swept over the midwest like a hellish scene from Dune, thousands of displaced southerners and midwesterners made the long, hot journey to California. While the posters may have promised them milk and honey and 100 acres each, what many of them found instead was a tiny town in the Central Valley desert. So they pulled out their guitars and started strummin’. From there, the tunes started flowing like water, creating a breeding ground for musicians from Buck Owens to Merle Haggard and beyond. There’s much more to Bakersfield, of course. It’s the agricultural hub of the southern Central Valley and provides many of our most vital crops in unthinkable abundance. The laid-back downtown is home to a 1930s theater and the Bakersfield Museum of Art, as well as walkways and delicious eats. You can also enjoy the best of Bakersfield from the comfort of your home with Drizly, the alcohol delivery service. Simply choose your favorite beers, wines and liquors from our app or website and we’ll have them to you in 60 minutes or less.

FAQs about alcohol delivery in Bakersfield, CA

  • Are you sure alcohol delivery is legal?

    Yes, alcohol delivery is perfectly legal in the cities and states we serve. We've been helping local stores deliver beer, wine and liquor since 2012, so you can trust us that it’s all above board!

  • Does Drizly offer contactless delivery?

    Yes! We all want to make the alcohol delivery experience as safe and easy as possible. You'll need to show your ID to your driver, but you can hold it up for contactless scanning. We have also recommended retailers contact you for delivery instructions, and eliminate customer signatures to minimize what you need to touch.

  • Can I tip my delivery driver?

    Tips may be collected for delivery drivers/personnel during checkout. Please note that each Drizly Retail Partner manages their individual tipping policy at their own discretion, so the tip received may be distributed differently from store to store.

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