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Drizly Affiliate Program 

Do you and your readers enjoy sippin’ on an adult beverage from time to time? If so, we’ve got good news: The Drizly Affiliate Program makes it easy to earn some extra cash through your website, blog or e-newsletter. Cash that could be used for, well, more of those adult beverages we all love. (You could also use it for other things…we guess.)

Drizly is the easiest way to shop for alcohol online...


How does it work?

The nitty-gritty: Drizly Affiliates can earn a minimum of 3% to a maximum of 15% commission on all sales that are referred to Drizly from a tracked link placed on your site. You’re paid the first time a customer visits to make a purchase, PLUS any subsequent tracked purchases that customer makes for up to 10 days. Average orders are over $75, so those commissions can add up quick. Which means you’ll be ordering the fancy drinks for next weekend.

The Drizly Affiliate Program is managed through the Pepperjam affiliate network. The incredibly easy-to-use platform offers 24-hour access to reporting and creative, including ready-to-rock ad banners and text links.

Who should sign up?

  • People who like beer, wine or liquor. Especially if you like all three. But not together at once. Because…ew.
  • If your site focuses on alcohol or even just touches on it from time to time (Hellooooo, Friday at 5), Drizly would be a great fit.
  • If you focus on cutting-edge tech, you should sign up, too. App junkies have fun on the weekends too, you know.

Why sign up?

  • 5-15% payout depending on buyers (5% for repeat buyers and 15% for new buyers)
  • Average order size of $75+
  • Exciting promotional offers
  • A large range of banners/creatives available
  • Easy to setup

How to sign up?

Just complete the application form through Pepperjam and apply to our program (through Publisher Interface > Advertisers Tab > Find New Advertisers). We’ll review applications quickly so you start earning money faster than you can crack open a beer.


For questions about our Affiliate Program, contact our affiliate program manager at