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A Trip Around The World Through Beer

Take a trip around the world from the comfort of home. These are the International beers we recommend ordering for International Beer Day. And almost as important as the beverages themselves, we'll school you on how to say “Cheers!" with your friends in seven different languages.

Santé – French speaking countries

( pronounced “sahn-tay" )

Hailing from a country that some may call a beer mecca; Stella Artois is the best-selling Belgian beer in the world. It also happens to top our lists right here at Drizly in popularity too. There is “technically" a specific 9 step ritual to pour and serve a glass of Stella to perfection but we doubt they did that in the early days of this beer's nearly 700 year history.
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Prost – German – Paulaner Hefe-Weizen

( pronounced “proh-st" )

Only six beers are allowed to be served at Oktoberfest. They are all original Munich beer which are characterized by long-standing brewing tradition and a strict adherence to Bavarian Purity Requirements called the “Reinheitsgebot." We found it only fitting to select from these beers. For this special occasion we selected the one that was once only sold on holidays: Paulaner. Fun fact: Paulaner was first brewed in 1634, making it the youngest of all six Oktoberfest beers.
Shop Paulaner Hefe-Weizen

Skål – Danish – Carlsberg

( pronounced “skoal" )

A European-style pilsner beer, brewed in Denmark, and available in 140 countries worldwide. A light flavor of cereal grain and a touch of grass on the nose, finished with a clean malt flavor. Served ice cold,  it's basically a Eurotrip in a bottle.

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 Cin Cin – Italian –  Peroni

( pronounced “chin chin" )

As the number 1 beer brand in Italy, how could you go wrong? Not to mention the slightly bitter, yet smooth and refreshing taste goes great with pizza. Mmmm.
Shop Peroni


( pronounced “slawn-cha" Gealic )

Time and time again Guinness is rated the top Irish beer – so why fight it? The coffee and chocolate flavors bring a rich experience that only stouts can do, making it perfect for an adult dessert alternative: the beer float.

Shop Guinness Draught

Kanpai – Japanese – Sapporo

( pronounced “kan-pie" Watch out this literally means “drain your glass" )

Sapporo is what Bud Light would be if it were actually super tasty. It's a light, golden rice lager with some solid carbonation. Sapporo is a great way to take a step out of your beer routine and explore the other side of the world without the pricey plane ticket.

Shop Sapporo Premium Beer

Knob Creek Single Barrel 

( pronounced “sah-lud" )

Since International Beer Day comes around during the dog days of summer, we had to include a classic summer cerveza. Pop a lime in this bad boy and prepare to get whisked away to the beaches of Mexico.
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What’s your favorite international beer? Share it with us over @Drizly on Twitter