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Watermelon Jello Shots

Watermelon Jello Shots

Watermelon Jello Shots

  • shots
  • summer
  • vodka
  • tequila
  • jello shot
  • Level: Hard
  • Prep: 10 min.

These jiggly summer shots are just as fun to look at as they are to eat. Watermelon jello shots can be made in a baking sheet or even inside of lime rinds to look like miniature watermelons. This recipe is easy to mix up with your favorite vodka or tequila, which make them the perfect crowd pleasing treat for your next party.


  • 2 boxes of watermelon flavored jello
  • 1 box of unflavored gelatin (4 envelopes)
  • 2 cups of water 
  • 2 cups of vodka or silver tequila


  • Measuring cup
  • Citrus juicer
  • Jigger

How to Mix

  1. Combine all your gelatin in a large bowl and stir together. 
  2. Slowly mix in 2 cups of boiling water and stir until dissolved. 
  3. After all the powder mixture is dissolved pour in your liquor of choice while you continue to stir.
  4. Use a ladle to evenly distribute mixture into hollowed out lime halves.
  5. Carefully place into your fridge and allow to cool until they are set up (usually between 2-4 hours)
  6. Once set slice into wedges keeping the rind on and serve.
  7. For shots containing vodka garnish with coarse sugar or sesame seeds. For tequila shots use coarse sea salt on top.

To create lime containers: Slice a dozen limes in half and use a citrus juicer to squeeze out all the juice, making sure to keep rind intact. Gently scrape out remaining lime pulp and skin with a metal spoon. To keep lime cups steady while the jello sets up, place each cup gently inside muffin tins.