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St. Patrick's Day Drinks

What to drink on St. Patrick's Day

There's more to drink on St. Patrick's Day than green beer. From quirky drinks like the Shamrock Shake Smash, to classics like Irish whiskey or a perfect pint of Guinness we'll help you find your new lucky libation. Try our twist on an old favorite with a homemade banana infused Jameson featured in The New Irish Breakfast cocktail, or follow along as we show you how to make shot glasses out of pickles... yes really. No matter how you plan to celebrate this March, we've got just the drink for you.

How To Make The Ultimate Pickleback Shot

Featured St. Patricks's Recipes

Pickleback Shot

  • whiskey

Bartender Reggie Cunningham of the Bushwick Country Club bar in Brooklyn is credited with naming and popularizing the Pickleback shot in May 2006 after a customer requested a drink of pickle brine. Reggie suggested a shot of whiskey first, followed by the shot of pickle brine.The unusual combination of whiskey and pickle juice has become a favorite at bars everywhere since.

Shamrock Shake Smash

  • spring

This festive take on an ice cream float combines the classic smooth flavor of Guinness Stout with the funky (but familiar) McDonald's Shamrock Shake. It's like your very own pot of gold, no rainbow required.

Dublin Drop

  • shot

No longer a politically correct term as the name, Irish Car Bomb, references a dark time in Ireland's history, this bomber style shot is still quite popular stateside, especially on St. Patrick's Day. As veterans will tell you, drink it quickly or you're left with a curdled class of beer, whiskey, and irish cream.

The New Irish Breakfast

  • infusion

With flavors reminiscent of fresh baked banana bread, this Jameson infusion is great on the rocks, or as an unexpected addition to any classic whiskey cocktail. For this recipe we've decided to keep it simple, adding just a few ounces of fresh squeezed orange juice really kicks it up a notch.

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