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Rum Drinks

Not just for Pirates, Rum is one of the most popular spirits for cocktails. Made from fermented sugar cane, Rum is categorized into four major varieties, light, aged, gold and dark rums. At one end of the rum spectrum, you have light rum which is sweeter in flavor and the main ingredient in a refreshingly minty mojito or island favorite, Pina Colada. At the other end, you have dark rum which is deep brown in color and rich flavor making it the perfect compliment to spicy ginger beer in a Dark and Stormy. The most popular rum variety is spiced rum, such as Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum. Spiced Rum's are light amber in color but bold in complex herbal and molasses flavors. Spiced Rums and can be found in all types mixed drinks from a simple Cuba Libre to an intricate Mai Tai.

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