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Halloween Drinks

Halloween Recipes

It's time to pick your poison. From batch halloween drinks like our Orange and Black Sangri-ahhh to freaky shooters like the Brain Hemorrhage Shot we've dug up the best halloween cocktails for your next spooky celebration. Hosting a halloween brunch? Try the Frankenbride Bellini, terrifying color but the kiwi puree gives this a freaky fresh taste.

Spiced Caramel Apple Hot Toddy

  • halloween

This spiced caramel apple hot toddy is the perfect fall drink combining warm spices with sweet caramel and apples to create the ultimate cocktail for all season long.  With a little bourbon kick, this drink is sure to keep your blood warm and the ghosts and goblins away!

Pink Starburst Martini

  • halloween

Everyone's favorite Starburst flavor (pink, duh) is now in drink form. A refreshing strawberry Starburst inspired martini is the perfect cocktail for any and all celebrations.

Winking Witches Brew

  • halloween

This quick and easy recipe is perfect for a Halloween get together with friends!  We added a Twizzlers garnish around the edge and a Twizzlers straw to give it a fun Halloween look that goes perfectly with the spooky purple color. Enjoy!

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