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Bloody Mary Recipes

You say tomato, we say Bloody Mary. If 'Sunday Funday' had a mascot, it would definitely be a fully loaded Bloody Mary. Every Bloody Mary lover has their favorite recipe, some like it extra spicy while others are all-in for the garish garnishes. Building your Bloody starts with the spirit, gin or vodka are two classic foundations for the standard Bloody Mary. Swapping out the vodka or gin out for tequila will give you a Bloody Maria (read: delicious). You can even mix things up with flavored spirits like Absolut Peppar or a citrus vodka. Looking for something a little lighter in alcohol content? Try a Micheleda, the beer based brunch favorite that is made with tomato juice, lime and hot sauce. So don't be shy, find your favorite and enjoy the breakfast-companion of champions.
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