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Let the drinks come to you with Drizly

I'm sending a gift

Let’s talk about Drizly

How this thing actually works:

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    Enter your address

    Let us know where you’re at and we’ll show you what’s available in your area.

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    Shop thousands of products

    Browse multiple stores at once. Compare prices on your faves. Buy a pet giraffe with all the money you save.

  • 3

    Get your drinks delivered

    Just press "order" and boom, they’re at your door in under 60 minutes. Haha, THE FUTURE!

People spending time together.

Send ’em The Gift of Drizly.

Looking for the perfect last-minute gift? Want to schedule a delivery up to 2 weeks early? Send them bourbon, champagne and more and prepare for endless air-fives.

People spending time together.

You want it? We got it.

Rosé? Check. Tito’s? Check. That one killer pale ale you tried the other day? Check. We have the biggest selection for on-demand alcohol in the history of ever.

People spending time together.

Nobody will miss out on a memory because they were schlepping to a liquor store.

Download the Drizly app

We were about to write all the reasons why, but someone gave us a glass of wine and sorry that was just more important. It’s got some cool stuff, promise. We’ll text you a link.

Get the app
A hand holding a phone using the drizly app.

Please, Drizly. Tell me you’re here.

Okay, okay. We know you’re excited. Here’s some of the places where we can get drinks to your door in under 60 minutes.