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​6 Winter Activities to Pair with Wine

Winter gets a bad rep. Sure, it's a little on the cold side, but there are thousands of indoor wintertime activities that make winter not just tolerable, but thoroughly enchanting. We say, let it snow! Here, we're going to share six of our all-time favorite (indoor) winter activities and the wines that go delightfully with them.

1. Host or attend a dinner party.

Wouldn't it be nice if one of your friends would throw a dinner party so you didn't have to? Ah, well. Better take matters into your own hands. Regardless of whether you're the guest or the host, you definitely want to be the kind of person who brings a bottle or two of the good stuff. Because a dinner party without wine is just a meal. Choose a bottle of Cab (a universal crowd-pleaser) like Louis. M Martini Cabernet Sauvignon or celebrate with a bottle of sparkling wine like La Marca Prosecco.

2. Plan a date night.

Listen, whether you're a mister or a missus, your significant other deserves to be pampered a little. Stay in and cook your favorite boxed mac n' cheese or venture out for some fine dining at your favorite restaurant. Either way, you'll definitely need a couple of glasses of wine to clink together and say, “To us!" An occasion like this calls for a sparkling wine like Barefoot Bubbly Brut Cuvée. Or, for a darker twist, go for Alamos Malbec to enjoy rich, bold notes of juicy blackberries and dark cherries. Yum.

3. Play video games (it's too cold outside!).

When it's freezing cold outside, sometimes it's best to just hunker down under a heavy pile of blankets and play some video games. Holding a wine glass and a controller at the same time takes serious coordination. While you're battling fictitious forces of evil, enjoy a rich glass of red wine! We'd recommend Apothic Red or Dark Horse Cabernet.

4. Shop after-Christmas sales (online, in your PJs).

Christmas shopping is great and all, but have you ever gone back for the post-holiday sales? Holy guacamole, you're in for a treat. And if you choose to stay home in your warm pajamas and partake in this exciting activity online, you can sip wine while you go! Win-win. For this occasion, we say spring for Barefoot Pinot Noir for its notes and aromas of dark fruit or William Hill Central Coast Chardonnay for a silky-smooth treat.

5. Throw a game-watching party.

Football, anyone? This is easily one of our favorite things about winter. After all, it's weirdly satisfying watching other people run around in the freezing cold while you sit comfortably on your couch enjoying a glass of red wine. This is especially true when you invite your friends over to join in the fun. Our only hesitancy is that one exciting touchdown could result in spilt wine. Just be careful, okay? If you like dark fruit characteristics, try Alamos Malbec or go for a football season classic, Carnivor Cabernet.

6. Make s'mores in the fireplace.

It's like everything you love about a campfire, minus actually going outside. Quite honestly, you can still do all the same things. Sing campfire songs! Destroy some evidence! Make a few S'mores! And while you're at it, open a bottle of wine to top off the experience. Talbott Kali-Hart Chardonnay has that toasted oak flavor that is unmistakably suited for fireside enjoyment. Or if you're all about the reds, pick up a bottle of Orin Swift Palermo Cabernet Sauvignon for a rich, tannic mouthfeel.

There are so many ways to enjoy a wonderful winter day without ever leaving the comfort of your own home (especially if you have the wine delivered). Enjoy yourself —the world is your snowball!

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