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43 things you can do instead of going to the liquor store

So you're thinking about making a run to the liquor store. First off, why? In less than 60 minutes, you could be experiencing all the joys that come with having beer, wine and/or liquor delivered right to your doorstep with Drizly.

A liquor store run takes time. A Drizly order does not. Just think of all the things you could be doing with that time you'd get back by ordering Drizly. You could:

1. Do a crossword puzzle or Sudoku
2. Get a home workout in
3. Meal prep for the week (or whatever remains of it)
4. Learn just enough Spanish to convince people that you know Spanish
5. Mow your lawn or tend your garden
6. Take a nap and dream of that red wine you just ordered
7. Plan your next vacation
8. Charades, anyone?
9. Watch 3 episodes of The Office or 1.5 episodes of Kitchen Nightmares
10. Clean your shower
11. Do an arts & craft project with your kids
12. Or the neighbor's kids
13. Just make sure they're someone you know's kids
14. Do those dishes you've been letting “soak" since last week
15. How about Clue?
16. Prepare a five-star feast to pair with your drink(s)
17. Organize your closet
18. Okay fine, which board game do you want to play then?
19. Write a sternly-worded letter to Mike & Ikes about the lack of Ikes you received in your last box of Mike & Ikes
20. Bake something that pairs with your newly purchased Cognac. Because dessert 
21. Challenge everyone in the room to an arm wrestling match
22. Dust off your original Nintendo, plug in Paperboy and pretend you're controlling your Drizly driver like Adam did in Surf Ninjas
23. Invent a new sport that you and your friends can play in your living room
24. Implement Phase 1 of “The Plan"
25. Read a book. A really short book 
26. Feed the army of attack wolves you've been raising in the basement
27. Take a bubble bath
28. Paint your nails with the girls
29. Or the guys
30. Write a short story or poem about tequila
31. Call an old friend or family member you haven't spoken to in a while
32. Just not Marcia, because she knows what she did
33. Meditate
34. Start a fantasy sports league with your friends
35. Organize your refrigerator and make room for the beer
36. Listen to your favorite album
37. Or an audiobook
38. Have a meal-making party
39. Find out who's been going through your trash at night
40. It's Rand, isn't it?
41. Not to worry, Rand will soon learn the new way
42. When you unleash the wolves
43. Clean out your inbox