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4 Wine Trends Worth Catching On

Ryan Wegman, the director of Wine & Outreach for Sherry's Wine and Spirits of Woodley Park, has graciously written for us his Top 4 Wine Trends Worth Catching, just in time for the holiday weekend. Ryan knows of what he speaks. Acknowledged by the Zagat Guidebook for his knowledge of oenology, Ryan is a featured wine speaker and tasting host in addition to his work at Sherry's, and also serves as a consultant to all three tiers of the U.S. beverage trade on topics ranging from marketing and sales, to labeling and floor design. To get more useful news and tips on wine from Ryan, check out his website: And now on to the list!


Now that wine is produced in all 50 states, the “Drink Local" movement is available to everyone! States such as Texas are producing wines worthy of accolades from their traditional counterparts on the west coast in nuance and food compatibility. McPherson Cellars of the Lone Star State makes “Tres Colore", a blend of Grenache and Syrah a perfect example at $17.99!


Conversely to local wine, many traditional countries that have produced wine for centuries but generally by simple, non-technical means and without any attempt at creating competitive value, have changed their ways with wine consumption globally high. Greece is a perfect example of a country in crisis with a dusty wine heritage, realizing agriculture is a cost-effective means to build a stable economy, they've overhauled their efforts and are making world-class wines. Oenos 2011 from Naoussa in Northern Greece is made from the indigenous Xinomavro and in a blind tasting is often confused for a $60 Brunello! $22.99


A norm bucked by consumers and welcomed by the wine trade chorus is enjoying sparkling wine as just a celebratory beverage. Because of its level of acidity and balance of sugars, Champagne – sparkling wine from the region in the north of France known as Champagne – is the perfect food wine and many are much more accessible today under the traditional $50 starting line. Canard-Duchene Champagne is well worth its much lower price tag for its versatility from steak to fish! $39.99

1. WINE IN A CAN (Yes, wine in a can!)

Once the gasps have subsided, many are pleased to learn that this new packaging is far more sensible than any fashion in the past. Born of a winemaker who enjoys camping, his difficulty in lugging bottles (a 1st world problem if we've ever heard one!), brought him to cans which stay completely fresh, offer a ½ bottle equivalent of wine, and will not break! Underwood Winery is making a Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris that are outstanding for $7.99 per can and the most popular item in Sherry's!