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Drizly's top easy, must-try Halloween cocktail recipes

It's a universal fact that worst part about getting older is not being able to trick or treat anymore. You can don a costume and buy some candy, sure, but there's nothing quite the childhood experience of knocking on Mrs. Peterson's door (who always gave full candy bars) and shaking her down for your sugar fix.

Thankfully, there's a way to recapture that nostalgia without, you know, scaring your neighbors. Two words: candy cocktails. We worked with our Top Shelf Bloggers to create some halloween-themed drink recipes that are as sweet as they are spooky. Check them out below and mix a few up for your Halloween festivities this year.

PS. Keep your dentist on speed dial.

1. Candy corn martini

If you're not one of those people who think candy corn tastes like plastic (which, it doesn't and it's everyone else who's wrong), then you need to try this martini. This beverage features homemade candy corn-infused vodka, ginger beer, pineapple juice and tonic water before it's garnished with cotton candy (YUP, WE SAID COTTON CANDY), which dissolves into the drink. Sweet tooth encouraged. Feeling adventurous? Make the infused vodka a few days before Halloween, then serve to friends at your Halloween party.


For the Martini:
-2.5 oz. candy corn vodka (recipe below)
-½ oz. pineapple juice
-½ oz. ginger beer
-3 oz. tonic water
-White cotton candy, for garnish

Candy Corn Vodka:
-1 cup candy corn
-1 cup vodka

2. Sour Patch Kids vodka martini

Somebody call the Sanderson Sisters; they'd be into this cocktail. It won't make you younger in the morning, but if you needed another reason to eat the greatest candy of all time, you've got it. This Sour Patch Kids inspired vodka martini with a sugar rim is a Halloween party crowd pleaser. Tangy but sweet, with a festive color thanks to the blue curaçao liqueur.

-Blue sparkling sugar, for rim
-1 ½ oz. vodka
-½ oz. strawberry vodka
-1 ½ oz. blue curaçao
-1 ¼ oz. lemon juice
-½ oz. simple syrup
-Sour Patch Kids for garnish

3. Pink Starburst martini

Everyone's favorite Starburst flavor (pink, duh) is now in drink form... *sounds of soft applause*. A refreshing strawberry Starburst inspired martini is the perfect cocktail for any and all celebrations. And gives you a reason to get even MORE Starburst.

-3 oz. vodka
-1 oz. strawberry kiwi juice
-1 ½ oz. strawberry flavored seltzer or sparkling water
-Pink Starburst for garnish

4. Spiced caramel apple hot toddy

Combining warm spices with sweet caramel and apples, this fall-flavored toddy is the ultimate cocktail for the whole season. Did we mention how much we love the kick of bourbon? We love the bourbon.

-3 oz. Bulleit bourbon
-1 cup apple cider
-⅛ cup fresh orange juice & 1 whole orange slice
-8 caramel candies
-1 splash of water
-1 cinnamon stick
-2 star Anise
-8 whole cloves

5. Whiskey patch

If one Sour Patch Kids cocktail wasn't enough, this twist on a whiskey sour with a tang of Sour Patch Kids should set you straight. And if you're more of a tequila sour kind of person, change it up your way.

-1 small bag of Sour Patch Kids
-2 ½ shots lemonade
- 1 ½ shots Bulleit whiskey
-Splash simple syrup
-Splash cherry juice
-Cherry for garnish

6. Mounds martini

Paying homage to the deliciousness that is chocolate, we give you the Mounds martini. Coconut, dark chocolate and RUM. Not only is this dessert martini easy to make, but it tastes just like a Mounds bar. And for when you're feeling like adding a little razzle dazzle, a decadent chocolate and coconut rim does the trick.

-1 ½ oz. Crème de Cacao (Tempus Fugit recommended)
-1 ½ Coconut Rum (Malibu recommended)
-1 oz. whole milk
-Semisweet chocolate chips and sweetened flaked coconut, for rim

7. Winking witches brew

Would it even be Halloween if you didn't have at least one cocktail that looks like a potion? And to give you another reason to snack on some Twizzlers, we added a straw and garnish around the edge. Talk about a twist you can't resist.

-6 oz. blackberry juice
-1 oz simple syrup
-2 oz. Tito's vodka
-Blackberries for garnish
-Black Licorice Twizzlers (3 per cocktail)

For Blackberry juice:
-12 oz fresh blackberries
-½ cup of water

8. Reese's cereal milk white russian

Picture this: Reese's Puff's cereal milk. But a cocktail. That's what you have to look forward to with this twist on a White Russian. Try it now. Thank us later.

-1 cup Reese's Puff Cereal
-1 cup half & half or whole milk
-1 ½ oz. vanilla vodka
-1 ½ oz. Kahlua

9. Lychee Martini

This lychee martini is a classy cocktail with a nod to Halloween with its 'eyeball' popsicle and bloody raspberry rim. These touches add to the fragrant flavor of this easy drink - plus, since this drink features two different types of fruit without a bunch of added sugar, you can easily convince yourself that it's the healthiest in the bunch.

-6 raspberries
-4 canned lychee
-½ tbsp. syrup from lychee
-3 oz gin or vodka
-dash white vermouth

10. Ghostly Gin and Tonic

Think of your go-to G&T, but made even better from gummy worms. They're in the drink, sure, but take a look at those ice cubes.

-2 oz. gin
-1L tonic water
-1 bag of mini gummy worms

Looking for shots instead?

We've got a few suggestions. Here's the deal for each:

-Combine all ingredients in a shaker over ice
-Shake until cold
-Strain into a shot glass
-We highly encourage you to eat these candies too, but live your life

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

Paying homage to the favorite Halloween candy of Kansas, Maryland, Oklahoma and Texas.

-½ oz. silver rum
-½ oz. peanut creme liqueur
-½ oz. creme de cacao

2. Pink Starburst

Sort of like a Pink Starburst martini but tiny and with Schnapps.

-½ oz. vanilla vodka
-¼ oz. Watermelon Pucker Schnapps
-¾ oz. sweet and sour mix

3. Almond Joy

No almonds were harmed in the making.

-½ oz. Bailey's Irish Cream
-¼ oz.Amaretto Liqueur
-¼ oz. Coconut Rum

Make and share these cocktails with us on Twitter @drizly and Instagram @drizlyinc. Or, if you're looking for some more holiday goodness, check out these articles.